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Geek. Writes code to kill boredom. SRE by profession


Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Traffic

April 2019 - Present
Sunnyvale HQ, California

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Traffic

March 2017 - March 2019
LinkedIn, Bangalore

This team handles the reverse proxy for LinkedIn at our Point of Presences and Datacentres.

  • Primarily works on reverse proxy for LinkedIn, Apache Traffic Server.

  • Managing multiple PoPs and reverse proxy at DCs for application servers.

  • Custom service discovery built using Go to discover backend services.

  • Deploying new PoPs to further decrease page load times.

  • Investigating site speed regressions.

Site Reliability Engineer, Edge Performance

Feb 2015 - Feb 2017
LinkedIn, Bangalore

This team works on managing our public DNS servers, multiple Content Delivery Networks and synthetic monitoring of our infrastructure.

  • Took ownership of multiple PoP ramps.
  • Overhauled an internal certificate inventory tool with a completely new backend to support more certificate types
  • CDN evaluations before we onboard them to our website

Senior Operations Engineer, Web Hosting

July 2014 - Deb 2015
Endurance International Group (Directi)

I worked in the hosting team and was involved in bootstrapping a new product around dedicated server hosting for Bigrock. It was a team of two people, me and my manager.

  • Managing internal cloud based on Openstack icehouse release used by different teams for testing purposes.
  • Day to day administration of dedicated hosting product which is on top of openstack.
  • Setting up a new dedicated hosting infra using OpenStack Havana release

Operations Engineer, Email Hosting

July 2012 - June 2014

This team involed maintaining the email infrasturcture that served millions of users.

  • Sole contributor to the log analytics platform using the ELK stack. It was mostly used to search logs and do analytics over email logs for business metrics. I also pushed code to opensource projects namely logstash and grok debugger as and when I found bugs.
  • Developing multiple milters in python language for postfix to mark/tag emails and take appropriate actions
  • Sole contributor in setting up the Open-Xchange collaboration platform which was released a month before I left the team.
  • Move email quota usage store from postgres to Redis so that reads/writes are faster.
  • Setting up spamassassin and integrating it with already existing spam solution by writing a custom postfix milter.


Speaker at SRECon 2017 Europe - Represented my team at LinkedIn on the topic of RUM Steering
ELK Stack - Opensource contributions to Logstash and grok-debugger
OSID - Opensource Initiative at DA-IICT - I was part of our Linux User Group as Technical Lead and took various sessions to educate and share knowledge regarding various topics in linux.
Github Profile - Lot of opensource code that I write

Skills & Proficiency

Getting stuff done


ELK Stack - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana & Syslog Servers


Web Hosting: Apache, Openstack

Email Hosting: Postfix, Dovecot, Open-Xchange, Pymilter, MySQL

Javascript & jQuery